Sending a Freemedia DVD.

I am a part of Freemedia team for Fedora . and this is the first time I am actually sending a DVD outside apart from my local requests .The request i accepted is from Dewanhat , Cooch Behar , West Bengal .

I burned the DVD, put it into a Floppy/CD Mailer Envelope and went to a post office .

Me : I want to do a speed post of this .

me hands over the envelope .

The person was a lady and she took it , but just she was about to dump it , she noticed the CD/Floppy Mailer tag on the envelope .

P.O : Sorry , we dont mail CD’s in this way , you have to put it in a wooden box and then mail it .

[reaction] wtf.

Me : From where can i get that box ?

P.O: You have to built one .

[again reaction] WTF.

P.O: You better take a courier service.

Me : ok

and i took the DVD to a courier office .

Me : I want to send this .

C.O: ok .

C.O : But its written a village , we dont have service to village .

Me : ok

takes back the DVD ,

[Current status] : DVD still with me .

Any ideas on how to send this will be helpful .


26 thoughts on “Sending a Freemedia DVD.

  1. Cover the CD mailer tag and send it that way. Or post it in an A5 envelope as you would a letter with some padding. There’s a good chance that a second person won’t notice and will allow you to post it.

  2. I am surprised that courier service said no. But then I don’t usually make curiers destined to some village.

    What you can try is wrap the DVD in lots of paper sheets. So it is can not be easily identified as CD as well as it is protected.

  3. Put it in a normal envelope.

    Pre-calculate the postage.

    Purchase stamps of exact postage needed.

    Stick stamps on the envelope.

    Chuck the envelope into mailbox directly (w/o PO seeing).

  4. @Caius : The reason i resisted from sending it in normal mail because of two reason

    Post handling is rough so chances are DVD getting broken .
    It would reach when fedora 11 has been released or may not at all

    However i would give a try to it .

  5. Get one of green those envelopes with bubble-wrap inside. Mark it as “card”, seal it carefully with the DVD inside, and send it. It should work – unless someone decides to fold it.

  6. I was informed that you were facing some problems regarding sending CD mailers. We, at Zyxware Technologies are sending CDs and DVDs with various Linux Distrbutions and FLOSS from our office in Trivandrum, via VPL, a service by Indian Post.
    Please refer: . Here we charge a nominal rate for shipping and blank CD/DVD
    VPL is a service where we send it from Trivandrum to the customer, say in Calcutta. The charges will be written on the package. The customer, upon receiving the package will pay to the post man, who delivers it. This payment will reach back to us as a Money Order.
    This is the outline of the VPL (Value Paid Letter, i guess) service that we render from India Post.
    Contact me incase you need more help.
    Joju Joshua

  7. There are chances of CDs/DVDs getting damaged, but very rare. We have been doing this more than 6 months now. And have not got much complaints. Trust me, we never got a feed back that the CD/DVD was broken!! Use a CD Mailer cover with some kind of spongy sheet inside.


    Joju Joshua

  8. Hi I am mrinmoy from dewanhat i have request this dvd .u can use one DVD cover.
    I have requested ubuntu DVD also .i have accept Ubuntu DVD by post.But fedora ?????

  9. hi Subhodip , i am following this post from the link u gave on one of the Fedora-ambassador list emails , …. well its an interesting case , .. i am also a part of the Fedora Free media Program , .. but have never shipped a DVD till now , ……
    i really appreciate your dedication , ……. but i don think its a big deal to fool the Indian postal fellows , …… nothing will work in india if u try to do it the straight way !

  10. amr pora kopal ubuntu,sun solaris sobai pathalo Cd Kintu Fedora ta akhono pailam na .hay where are u live? give me your mobile num….

  11. That is truly crazy, I’ve never heard of anything like that… Building a wooden box to mail a CD? Really? They make CD mailers for a reason!

    I agree with others though, if the situation arises again, just pop the mailer into a one of those hard envelopes and send it on it’s way.

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