Finally I own one

It has been quite a while since i was longing for a lappy . Looked through dell , lenovo and all major brands until gsoc arrived . Since my budget limiter is gone with it , I finally got it one i never thought off . An Apple MacBook .

I never considered a macbook since I thought i would be too fancy . but dell changed some policy and non availability of power models in local market . I finally settled for a macbook just because of its config.

White !! its diifficult to maintain .. true but  i didnt want to may 10k INR just for colour and a small HD upgradation .

The pics are available here

umm ..well blogging from my macbook .

Next task .. install fedora in it ..


5 thoughts on “Finally I own one

  1. So Dell’s weird policy applied to the laptops as well, nowadays, it seems. It’s a real pity – though my next laptop is going to be a Sony Vaio TZ or a Thinkpad Xseries.

  2. great! hey, you should thank me for recommending you the macbook in first place 😛 After all you had been running for a dell xps all this time, but suddenly got bumped off with a 6-7K INR tax/surcharge etc.

    But the best part about it is apple wifi….yeah macos is there but /me uses fedora….and better be careful with reFit 🙂

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