GSoC meetup at Google R&D Bangalore office.

28th july was scheduled for the meetup about which i was very excited. Reached Bangalore on 27th and rested for the day .

On 28th reached Google’s office at old madras road . At reception me along with other GSoC students were given stickers on which our names were printed . We were recieved by Aishwarya k and were given a hearty welcome .Though photography inside was forbidden .

our meetup was scheduled in two halves . First half was mainly googlers explaining Google’s work culture and their way of work . Its so amazing . One thing i found interesting is that Google’s way of thinking is very much open source though technlogy used is little bit different.

Then we had lunch . This is a google part as we were introduced to new googler’s or nooglers and learnt from their experiences . We talked about out project with them .

One thing to notice is people be it the office head or security gaurd are all treated equally as compared to typical indian offices . I liked that .

The second half after lunch was our time to give presentations . though most were not ready with it and gave wonderful talks without it . i somehow managed to take help from the slides i created .

The last part was a round round trip within the office and saw the googlers working . it was nice .

We recieved few goodies and finally it was time to depart . I didnt managed to do good clicks but sarath managed to do so .


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