Axis 08 ..detailed report

I am little bit better now so considered writing a detailed blog post on Axis 08 .

Susmit worked hard to get some dvd’s, stickers and posters ready for the trip. So we finally had about 37 dvds and at around 450 stickers .

On 24 th we boarded the train and reached nagpur on 25th . On 25 th we mainly did some setup . though we had some trouble. my mac was not outputing any sound and arindam’s was facing trouble with projector.

On 26th we had our scheduled talk . it started at 4 pm . Susmit gave a nice talk on fedora . I gave a talk on “myths about linux” and arindam gave talk on fedora live.

We did had some audience during talks . At around ~55 people.

However people did asked questions . My talk attracted most questions and Arindam successfully converted his talk into a mini workshop as his laptop was not working with projector. šŸ˜›

It went through for more than 2 hours .Ā 

From the feedback of students andĀ organizersĀ there we came to know our talk attracted Ā some people.

On 27 th we had our workshop scheduled .However due to problems like lack of labs and coinciding with their cultural show . we were delayed . but still some students (at around 20) came by ,mostly from previous talk day audience.

We got only an hour before we got request of pausing our workshop (cultural fest was about to start) and request from organizers to hold it next day .

On 28th we started off in the morning . The crowd was large as compared to last two days. We had a install fest (installation over http) , setting up personal machines . quick quide to basic tools like firefox,pidgin etc , some detailed guide to syllabus oriented tools including gcc,gnu octave,Fedora Electronic lab(FEL) which gathered good amount of interest .

The workshop lasted for 3.5 hours and we packed up at around 2 o clock.

Good to mention is that NIT nagpur had their introduction to opensource through sun’s seminar conducted last year . So we decided to ask them to form a LUG . They decided to form it with basic infrastructure like a google group and some in person meetings .

You can see all photos here .


Back from Axis 08

Axis 08 is a tech fest organised by NIT Nagpur . We (me ,Susmit, Arindam ) went there and conducted seminar cum workshop . (our scheduled of 3.5 hrs were genoursly extended to above 8 hours over three days .) Now i am back home and have a nice time with Fever . I am down and not in a postion to write detailed blog post . However susmit is writing one .you can see it here .All photos that were taken by me and arindam were being uploaded by arindam . you can see themĀ  here

I want to get well before the puja’s i dont want to miss it anyway.