Google Summer of Code 2009

Well, like previous year  this year we are also in Google Summer of Code 2009. So if you are interested in OpenStreetMap, This is the right time to do so. You can take a look at potential project applications here.


OSM Mapping started for me

Finally i started mapping for OpenStreetMap .. I got a garmin etrex vista for which i paid 7k extra and got it for 15k INR

I got two vehicles at disposal and i am using them for mapping long distances .some pics :

Some mapping have been done for my city ..and facing problems with AND data ..

and its fun doing mapping here ..

[GSoC] GPSBabel Plugin for JOSM post 1u1

I mainly maintain my contact with my mentor Raphael Mack via email . so after some discussions and some ideas from my mentor . I finally managed to make a GUI on which I will be continuing my work .

My plugin is divided in three part .

1.  GUI itself(design with Netbeans used Metal theme as JOSM uses simmilar one

2 . Bridging with GPSBabel

3.  Integrating with JOSM (Java Open Street Map Editor )

the screenshot of GUI is here  :-

My current work is to interlink the gui parts . In the mean time as per my mentors suggestion I am working on a java class that is actually goint to call gpsbabel .

so I have

GUI —> bridge java class — > gpsbabel  call .

I will be posting codes regarding this soon coz ” no commitment no work ” is the final motto .. bleh

P.S : I am also looking for a GPS device and shortlisted Garmin Ventura HCx and Vista HCx from the same (Pradeepto has got one ) . Need Sugesstions here if anybody as any experieences with these devices .

P.P.S : exams extended due to CPI(m) and trinamul congress bandh regarding fuel price hike . ( I feel like  demolishing  these two parties ) .[:(]