dgplug@NIT-DGP and @BCET

Today I suppose is a good day in dgplug’s history . We were scheduled to visit NIT@DGP and BCET today. Naturally we started off a little late but managed to reach NIT in time.

NIT@DGP had organized a seminar cum discussion session,with mostly students from 3rd year and 2nd year our primary concern is to get upstream contributers. Since many of them are already familier with Linux. With a brief introduction of dgplug’s way of work and bijra high school project we directly jumped into describing various way of upstream contribution that ranges from documentaion to graphics to os development.Introduction to Linuxchix for girl contributers( we have lot of girls present ) . Some open source activities like Google Summer of Code and all .We even had Pradeepto, Kartik Mistry and Runa on our big screen ,it was fun cause Runa had her ice cream melted 😛 . Our session lasted for two and a half hours.After that we all had lunch @vatika ,a local food court.

Second half of the day didn’t go as we planned, We tried to had a short session at BCET but eventually landed in very formal seminar planned by BCET-LUG and BCET authorities . So kushal had to give again a long one and half hour talk . Since most students here are new to the linux world so we mainly had to concentrate on how and whats of Linux rather than what we did in NIT@DGP.

After a long talk session finally home.I had to wait some time to digest all that in ate today

The positive part is NIT has a good infrastructure so they can kick some good stuffs with help of that . For BCET as its mainly a authority initiative so we expect some help when need but being its very tight and formal structure there will be restrictions.But at least their college is talking some initiatives.