Random Scriblings

Tommorow I will be going to Jamshedpur(India) to attend my brother’s wedding, Since Jamshedpur has almost no data for openstreetmap . I am taking  my GPS with me. Hope to do some traces.

On the other news :

1 ) openstreetmap.org home is now available in 4 languages : German, French,Icelandic ,Slovanian and some partial spanish .

Thanks to london hack weekend .Many more have started working on their native languages. However  no Indian languages support till now.

2) JOSM has a good amount of foreign language support, Me and Meejan has started to work on the bengali interface and some work has been done.

3) Potlatch and Openstreetmap wiki translation is also ongoing

If you are interested in seeing Indian languages in these tools , We would be happy to accept your help .Visit here for more details.

4) Arun Ganesh and H.S Rai will be representing OpenStreetMap India in upcoming State of the map 2009 to be  held in Amsterdam(Netherlands) from July.

5) Now osm.org routes to openstreetmap.org as well


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