install fest @KGEC

On 21st feb , We (/me ,Arindam ,and Ratnadeep ) boarded the 5.40 AM bus to kalyani (for the FAD at Kalyani Goverment Engg.College,Kalyani). However we faced a small political unrest@memari that made us leave the bus and board the next available local train . Finally after changing 3 trains we reached there .Rohit (KGEC) came to pick us up .

On reaching the campus we were amazed to see the crowd waiting to  register their names .We went upstairs to their seminar hall and there were lots of people already there .Indranil Das Gupta was the chief guest,Rangeen was already there along with Sheyank and Mitesh from NIT durgapur (they had taken 50 Fedora 10 dvds with them ).

Indranil Das Gupta started with his introductory speech , and it was well recieved .He talked about mainy things but to sum them up ,it was an introduction to FOSS community for future contributers .During his speech  a lot of teachers were there  who were keenly interested regarding this , I heard that their Electronics HOD was using linux for last 4 years.

Indranil’s  speech lasted till 1 PM and then he left for kolkata . Our talks started after the lunch .

Arindam gave a nice introduction on fedora project.I spoked about myths about linux (with help of fedora). Since most of them were begineers these talks were well recieved .Our session lasted till 4 PM .

After our talks, Rangeen and Ratnadeep took charge of the install fest which lasted till 7 PM .even though they patiently did a informal one till 2 am .

Pics are here and here .

A more detailed blog is here .


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