First Barcamp and Tweetup at Kolkata

At last kolkata got its way to barcamp and tweetup , Though situation of the city made its presence on the people attending the barcamp.

I reached barcamp venue at IITKGP EXT center at around 10:15 AM .The preparation were still going on , However people started coming only after 11 . However organiser decided to wait for a little long for some more people to come up .

At around 11:30 AM things started , Sessions were superb , the timeline can be found here .

I did a session named “fun with JOSM” in which i introduced OpenStreetMap and JOSM and it did  earned some attention .

Some of the interesting session were by Shwetank Dixit , Amitabh Choudhary,YuYu Din,etc .

At around 6Pm things packed up .

on the note : IIT KGP guys did a good organising on there part ,wifi were working ,and food was good .

The Barcamp twitter followup can be found under hashtag #bckol ,

And hey #bckol is a trend in twitter : see here .

After Barcamp we decided to had a tweetup , There was a little confusion over the place but we decided to move to Mani Square for the Tweetup .There were seven people ,@subhodip,@aritra_m ,@indradg,@imba ,@epandu ,@yuyudin and @tathagata .

The tweetup followup can be searched under hashtag #tweetupkol

Indradg wasnt a twitter user but after the tweetup he is 🙂

The tweetup was superb as we come to know many people and it was fun .

Group Photo

So , The barcamp has finally started in kolkata and its our turn to keep the momentum up .


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