Hey ! Today was Dgplug’s Birthday .

Four years ago today was the day when dgplug was born .

We are the Linux Users’ Group of Durgapur. The group officially started on Sep 8, 2004. A few small brains grouped together to populate Linux in the locality.

Kushal suggested us to hold a meetup on this regard . However due to many circumstances it was changed from a regular/normal meetup to a birthday party celebration .

We selected Food Court a.k.a Wonder vatika   as our venue .12 noon was the time selected .

I reached the place a little early and was roaming around when everyone arrived . We moved upto to our selected place .

Apart from Ajitesh , Ria , Arindam and me all are new contributer/members of Dgplug . So I started with history of dgplug as i have heard when i joined it .Ajitesh took it from there and gave a nice details .

Then we decided to share what we learnt after joining dgplug . We started alphabetically

Amrita , Arpita , Debahree are three girls who have done lot of work with inkscape after joining dgplug . They also attended the summer training conducted by dgplug over irc .

An quote from Debashree : ” I never liked drawing in computer before i used Inkscape ”

Ratnadeep (rtnpro) and Kishan are newest memeber of the lug but had shared their experience over the summer training .

This consisted for over an hour when Arindam arrived ..he was just one  and a half hours late from scheduled time .But he made it to the lunch .

After lunch .. me , Ajitesh ( one important member of Bijra High School Project) , Arindam (KDE, OSM, Fedora contributer ) . Ria (KDE, Fedora ) contributer shared our views and what we learnt after joining the lug . these were little long ones 😛

Finally “whats the plan” for next two to three months were discussed .. mainly with rtnpro and kishan ..

Sunny_slls has joined the fedora docs team and he siad he is looking forward to it .

Since first year has already got enrolled in college .. we had a decision to go and approach them ..and make them aware of us .. a regular routine every year ..but is fun to do .

It was around 4:30 pm when we finally packed up and headed home .

View pics here and here


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