DirectUpload plugin and rest .

A belated post regarding my GSoC work .

A wiki page regarding my work is setup . It is available here

Some Screenshots of my work .

1 . GPSBabel Plugin :

2. Input box of GPSBabel Plugin .

3. Layer Formation .

DirectUpload Plugin ScreenShots are here :

1. DirectUpload Plugin .

2. On successful upload .


4 thoughts on “DirectUpload plugin and rest .

  1. I like the direct upload plugin really much. Is it possible to add a function for also upload a data layer as GPX or something else to speed up the workflow?

    After load GPX tracks, I would like to clean up “point clouds” which come from standing around or in the first minutes the position is not yet accurate. I can do this with convert to data layer, save as GPX and then upload the GPX. But this would not fit into the optimized workflow by the direct upload plugin.

  2. well , when i designed this plugin , i didnt had a GPS device so was unware of these stuff . and now that i have one .. i will definately consider this suggestion .. I am putting this in my ToDo list .

  3. Hello,

    I can’t get the plugin working with my garmin unit…

    Running gpsbabel from the shell works fine with this command:

    gpsbabel -i garmin -f usb: -o gpx -F blah.gpx

    In the plugin I select “Garmin” as gps format and for the port I enter usb:

    But after pressing execute just nothing happens…?

    Any ideas ?

    Running under ubuntu 8.04

  4. well , did you pressed enter after entering the port ?

    if yes and it didnt worked ..please fire up JOSM from terminal and send me the output .

    if no ..please do so .. a 0.2 release is on its way thats a temporary bug ..i guess

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