Bangalore visit .

Though my original intention was GSoC Meetup held at Google R&D office in bangalore on 28th July. I somehow succesfully converted it into a vacation which i needed very badly .

After a lot of fight i finally managed to get hold of two train tickets to bangalore via chennai .

my train to chennai (corromondol express ) reached chennai at 5:45 pm and my connecting train was at 11:15 pm ,so took a auto to a fast visit to Marina beach . It was ages since i did my last visit to a beach so this was soothing though hugely crowded .

On reaching bangalore on 27th  took a auto to a nearby hotel .(since first time in a bangalore auto, i was fearing something thats mostly warned by people in planet india , though nothing like that happened ).Checked in and rested for the day.

Next day was the meetup day . took a auto to google office in old madras road .(the meetup details will be posted soon) .

The day next to meetup was a conducted tour to bangalore’s famous places .Visited some of the famous tourist places like lalbagh ,popular  temples and off course VITM techological museum which i liked very much.

One thing to mention is that i liked the way museum  authority is so open to kids . kids do have fun time there and lot to learn , there no ” Dont touch” for kids ,and i guess thats what make them learn faster . I hope West Bengal goverment should learn from it and spent time on something like that rather than doing non public interest politics.

The last day was journey day . Yeshwantpur-howrah  express is one of those pathetic trains i wont board again . It took 3 days to reach home .

However reached Durgapur safely .And had a pleasent holiday .

photos will be posted soon .


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