[GSoC] GPSBabel Plugin For JOSM –status == complete

*phew * after a lot of silly mistakes and fight ..finally gpsbabel plug in available for josm ..that what i can say watching by JOSM firing up a nice gpsbabel gui in my machine .

Thanks a lot to my Mentor Raphael Mack . and Josm Dev people for bearing all the silly mistake and i will try to lower the rate of doing so in my next parts .

So I guess part 1 of my project is complete … is it ??? bugs ??  . Any bugs will be handled later on .. need to shift to part 2 as i am getting behind schedule .

A screenshot .

<resolved > didn’t manage to take snapshot of the menu though … any suggestions out here ????????

Bugs : Currently cancel or close buttun if pressed closed JOSM too … Will be reloved in next part when cancel and execute button will be handled properly.

<resloved> cancel button bug and exit button now works properly .

Next part will be :Direct GPX Upload from JOSM

Need a lot of work out here .. so will take time … I will be uploading the plugin soon some where ..

You can get the JAR file  from here : Do keep posting about bugs in comment section of this post .

N.B . This jar file works on linux only . For those who want to use it in Windows .Please do bear for some more time .

Happy Testing 😛


7 thoughts on “[GSoC] GPSBabel Plugin For JOSM –status == complete

  1. Hi.
    Hm, maybe i´m too stupid for it. I have here JOSM 684 and Windows Vista. I put the .jar into the plugin folder. I can start the plugin, choose Garmin and tracks and waypoints. I want to download the track from my etrex Venture HC. If i click on execute JOSM gets closed.
    What did i wrong? Maybe it helps if you contact me in the IRC #osm.

  2. all i have did is tested in on a linux i386 machine .I didnt tested in on windows vista though .. If you manage to install gpsbabel in windows so that it can be executed from any dir like a system command ..this plugin shoul work fine .. Give me some time I will be looking onto it .

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