[GSoC] GPSBabel Plugin for JOSM post 1u1

I mainly maintain my contact with my mentor Raphael Mack via email . so after some discussions and some ideas from my mentor . I finally managed to make a GUI on which I will be continuing my work .

My plugin is divided in three part .

1.  GUI itself(design with Netbeans used Metal theme as JOSM uses simmilar one

2 . Bridging with GPSBabel

3.  Integrating with JOSM (Java Open Street Map Editor )

the screenshot of GUI is here  :-

My current work is to interlink the gui parts . In the mean time as per my mentors suggestion I am working on a java class that is actually goint to call gpsbabel .

so I have

GUI —> bridge java class — > gpsbabel  call .

I will be posting codes regarding this soon coz ” no commitment no work ” is the final motto .. bleh

P.S : I am also looking for a GPS device and shortlisted Garmin Ventura HCx and Vista HCx from the same (Pradeepto has got one ) . Need Sugesstions here if anybody as any experieences with these devices .

P.P.S : exams extended due to CPI(m) and trinamul congress bandh regarding fuel price hike . ( I feel like  demolishing  these two parties ) .[:(]


2 thoughts on “[GSoC] GPSBabel Plugin for JOSM post 1u1

  1. It’ll be worthwhile changing the Wypoints Routes Tracks radio buttons to checboxes, since gpsbabel can accept all three flags at once.

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