[GSoC] GPSBabel Plugin for JOSM – post 1

My GSoC proposal is a three module part , of which I am posting about my first module .

GPSBabel (for who dont know ) is a utility tool to download gps data in various format from your gps device ,phone etc . Since my proposal aims at a smoother flow of gps data from GPS device to OSM (OpenStreetMap) Server ,see my proposal. My first attempt is to get a good nice GPSBabel GUI for JOSM or Java Open Street Map Editor for making openstreetmap.

After rigorous search I found that there has been several attempt in making a GUI for GPSBabel utility out of which only few succed .

Going by opensource  principle and rather than a scratch design I finally settled down to a design made some couple of years ago . A screenshot is here :-

Though in catalan , I think this with color of JOSM (default color scheme ) will look nice .Coding for the plugin is on way and will post about it sooner .

Since I am having exams from 3rd of June to 12th June , I wont be able code full time but will try as much as i can in this period . Based on above screenshot I will be posting my design within this week .

Trying to organise my work …………….

Again exams cant help much [:(] ,


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