call for good administrators……is it ??

India has shortage of bandwidth, demand more  and provider less . So in a small city like here ,it almost impossible to ask for good connections , My so called ISP is actually airtel broadband given via local cable operators .Thep provide good download speeds and this is where the problem starts .

you pay 900/- bucks for BSNL to get a 256Kbps unlimited and here 820/- to get 256Kbps upload limited connection .No support for Linux , they wont come to your home if it not a windows machine .

Orkut is the most happening thing in India I guess.You go on anything beyond orkut and you are blocked . My GSoC requires svn to work with and to my great fortune svn is blocked . Result = searching for externel shells and currently working on my mentors machine via ssh .

status : Eagerly waiting for BSNL to arrive .


8 thoughts on “call for good administrators……is it ??

  1. that is sad to hear, but is bsnl not totally available in your area ? or what about your college or hostel internet ?

  2. it is the most frustating when it comes to local operators, they don’t know anything. block everything and no CC. cable operators like hathway and sify fall in the same category.Only airtel and bsnl are like light in the dark.

  3. well bsnl in my area is down from Saturday and not has been fixed yet. pathetic ! now i am writing this from my dial-up modem which unfortunately isn’t supported in fedora or ubuntu god knows how long i have to put up with M$ and the downtime ?

  4. who tells dial up modem is not supported…. admit there aren’t good documentations….but look around a bit dude

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