Yesterday (On 29th March ) Bengal College of Engineering and Technology organized a seminar cum Workshop  at  their college campus .

GFL for Linux is the name of their college lug . Since its an official one so this seminar was a part of official inauguration of the  LUG.

Speaker of the event was Tuhin Sinha.Since most listeners are not even familiar with linux so the level was very basic. Tuhin Sinha during his speech concentrated mostly “why use linux leaving windows” which seems to have attracted people. More over his slide related to jobs in linux attracted maximum questions .

Among audience was Debayan and his group from NIT Durgapur and Us (me and Arindam) .We tried to help the audiences which also created a buzz.

The speech was short one and good one . Need more kinda this stuff in colleges .

One more point BCET maintains a very strong rules and regulation for LUG . They have serious commitees  and all to maintain .So its for of a linux club as compared to a LUG.

Their group can be found here :


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