Dgplug install fest

This time install fest went really good. The day before we asked the student that since no college labs are available so whatever we will be doing will be concentrated to laptops only ,so those who have should bring their laptops . And students brought not only theirs some even borrowed from their friend and came in. We had total of 9 laptops and 36 students .So we started off with dvd’s burnt on previous day.

As most are branded ones Dell XPS 1530 and Lenovo’s had a smooth install ,Though their were some issues with nvidia drivers with the dell machine.

HP machine with single partitions had some issues which were also solved.

Most valuable thing this time is we had our local repos so no issue in doing a yum update after installation.

So after a day of successful install fest ,peace in mind.Tomorrow we will again be sitting with those laptops resolving issues and teaching basic stuffs.

In other news: Some teacher in our college wanted to set up remote destop system in order to have a better administration in our linux and networking lab. They wanted to do that with us.There are some capable machines we sorted out but with very less amout of RAM . See my previous post regarding this. So looking forward to this .


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