My First Package and /me

I mentioned earlier that i am trying to package straw for fedora. Now straw is a python based News aggregator(GNOME based). Now when i am invoking normal

$rpmbuild -ba straw.spec

A build successful output is given. The same happens with

$ koji build --scratch dist-fc7 /usr/src/redhat/SRPMS/straw-0.27-4.src.rpm

However if ‘dist’ in above is changed to f8 then an error is generated.

Now on closer analysis to the build output of the above methods ,it is clear that build in fc7 is somehow skipping the check buildroot part.

f8 checks and aborts by generating an error.

see build outputs here and here of f8 and fc7 in koji respectively.

Help welcomed .

On the other news :

WBUT (West Bengal University of Technology ) is coming up with something new and needy.

Here is a copy of what they really want to do :-

After successful install-fests and establishing a public mirror
consisting of different Distros [Its up, details are coming once we
harden the box],
the WBUT-LUG is going to undertake another ambitious project which is
much like the Freedom Toaster project.

First we are going to place the machine at WBUT so that people can
come and burn
the distros they want. We also look forward to spread that to
different colleges.

Hereby we are calling for participation in the freedom toaster alike project.
People in and around kolkata is preferred , so that they
can come down personally, but they need not be WBUT students.

Please note its not going to be a replica of the freedom toaster
project. We shall write our own softwares and change the specs
according to our needs.[so that participants can spend a few sleepless
nights :). ]

We are also going to make our own kiosk, so we also need people who
can do mechanical

Hope to hear from you soon.

For details feel free to contact SusmitShannigrahi or Indranil DasGupta.


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