An amazing experience !!

Today i had a chance to visit DCMP ( Disaster Control Management Program) arranged by BharatGas ( a division of Bharat Petroleum).In this program students were also invited and unfortunately except BCET students no other college showed up. I went with inspector of factories Mr. Soumya Chatterjee, as a result of which i got an entry to the VIP chamber. As we were talking with the territory manager Mr. S. Bhattacharya .One by one Fire officer of Durgapur jurisdiction along with his officer showed up.
The fire department queried about some general fire safety requirements like proper water supply etc.Next came Deputy Director of Exploxives ,Durgapur Jurisdiction ( i don’t know the exact area) Mr A.Singh. And members from nearby H.P.C.L and at last came S.D.O.(Sub Divisional Officer)

The drill was based on incident that nearby one of the bullet(places where L.P.G gases are stored) a R.o.B. had a leakage . Maintainer rushed their but from his hand the metal tool felled and that caused a spark which in turn caused a fire.

As the drill started we had sprinklers fired to cool the bullets and employees rushed in from every corner of plant but in a synchronized and planned way. Nearby Fire department rushed in.Everybody was spontaneous and fire was under control within 12 Min.

Few of the things that i noted are as follows which i also told them when asked for feedback.

1) B.P.C.L authority had cycle rickshaw and cycles for carrying equipments and first aid to the incident site. Authorities told that this is to prevent accidental sparks that may be caused by and engine…true… But if this is so then how come they let a diesel driven fire truck to be within 50 meters of fire spot………true enough.
2) Hose pipe of B.P.C.L is strong enough to estinguish a high rise building with 10th floor on fire ,while that the hose West Bengal Fire Department barely reached two storey …how the use this kind of equipment… While they both used same water source ( Two tanks capable of fighting fire for 4 hrs with 25000KL of water each)
3) Though most employees were spontaneous in reaction , only a few took the drill as a drill )

But the drill was very exciting as it was completely new for me….

Anyways ,after the drill a local news media did a discusion about pros and cons of fire safety keeping in mind todays drill.I took a snap of it. see snap here

Discusion going on

from left to right  territory manager Bharatgas(Mr S. Bhattacharya), Fire officer ( Mr. U.P . Bannerjee, local news reporter , Dy.Dir. of Expolsives(Mr.A.Singh) and Inspector of Factories (Mr.S.Chatterjee)

And returned home with a lot of experiences……


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