Python-bsddb3-4.5.0 release 1 rpm package for Fedora

At last i am successful in creating my first fedora package. Being a newbie my plan is to included Joomla RC1.5 but being completely new i decided to do some small packages first.

Debarshi Ray helped me with two small packages Straw and Sirius of which i choose Straw 0.27 . But while packaging it i found it required python-bsddb3 . But Python-bsddb3 or bsddb3 isnt available as RPM package. So it took bsddb3-4.5.0 from here
And packaged it.

Actually python-bsddb3 or bsddb3 seem not be currently in fedora package list.So I did a package out of.

(Ek dil Dui Sikar)

Please see here for the rpm package and spec file

Now my plans to package straw 0.27 which is currently giving an error in %files section that straw.lang file not found.


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