" NSHM " "dgplug "" A DAY WITH FEDORA "

Today went to NSHM ,to invite them for our ” A Day with Fedora “.
Met withMr. Rajesh Das , HOD of Computer Application Department. As we talked about the seminar,he suddenly said;
“one and a half year ago NSHM’s setup was running in LTSP and fedora. That time we faced so much of problem,that we had to shift to windows…but during that time fedora was quite stable..now that we come to know that you people are working on these things”

we were quit amazed..

He then queried about our Bijra High School project and showed a lot of interest in it .He then showed us what currently they are using for student management…it looked good but its a web based one.

Though the meeting was brief but the response we got from him was quite amazing..we didnt even expect that from our college.

On the other news :-
Our ” A day with Fedora ” is going to be held tomorrow 17th August 2007 from 10 A.M to 5 P.M At BCREC college campus,Durgapur. Preparations are complete and waiting for a ” all thats end well ” result.


2 thoughts on “" NSHM " "dgplug "" A DAY WITH FEDORA "

  1. take an appointment from him (Mr. Das) to find out what problems they had in using LTSP.

    I want to do an interview of him.

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