go ahead !

recently got in contact with a school,as a volunteer of DGPLUG( Durgapur Linux User’s Group)-(http://www.dgplug.org). the school named BIJRA HIGH SCHOOL. is a goverment school ,this is how their principle define ‘sBIJRA:-

Bijra is a sleepy hamlet situated at the vicitiny of Durgapur Steel Township,one of the leading industrial hubs in West Bengal.
More than three thousand people live in this village .people are by and large labours working in the unorganised sector and
lower middle class farmers.a few persons work as employees in different Govt. and Non-Govt. organizations.Bijra high School
need of those children hailing from poor backward minority families & SC ,ST .families .the School was setup in 1974 and upgraded
to a high school in 1993.At present the number of students are around 600.it is the only school struggling to set up computer
litercy among its students almost FREE of cost.


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