install fest @KGEC

On 21st feb , We (/me ,Arindam ,and Ratnadeep ) boarded the 5.40 AM bus to kalyani (for the FAD at Kalyani Goverment Engg.College,Kalyani). However we faced a small political unrest@memari that made us leave the bus and board the next available local train . Finally after changing 3 trains we reached there .Rohit (KGEC) came to pick us up .

On reaching the campus we were amazed to see the crowd waiting to  register their names .We went upstairs to their seminar hall and there were lots of people already there .Indranil Das Gupta was the chief guest,Rangeen was already there along with Sheyank and Mitesh from NIT durgapur (they had taken 50 Fedora 10 dvds with them ).

Indranil Das Gupta started with his introductory speech , and it was well recieved .He talked about mainy things but to sum them up ,it was an introduction to FOSS community for future contributers .During his speech  a lot of teachers were there  who were keenly interested regarding this , I heard that their Electronics HOD was using linux for last 4 years.

Indranil’s  speech lasted till 1 PM and then he left for kolkata . Our talks started after the lunch .

Arindam gave a nice introduction on fedora project.I spoked about myths about linux (with help of fedora). Since most of them were begineers these talks were well recieved .Our session lasted till 4 PM .

After our talks, Rangeen and Ratnadeep took charge of the install fest which lasted till 7 PM .even though they patiently did a informal one till 2 am .

Pics are here and here .

A more detailed blog is here .

Random Scriblings

Theres quite lot to  say :

1. Gave one more talk on OSM at mukti 09

2. Visited Kolkata Book Fair and help folks at IOTA stall .It was awesome .Detailed blog coming up

3. Fedora talk at mukti 09 on 6th .Event page up (need suggestions)

4.Visited bijra today and had lot of feedback (complaints) from them .

5. Got a lit of petrol almost decades after recent price cut for RS 50.

6. Harman Baweja still cant act .

7. Sign of twitter becoming mainstream in India .Read here.

Axis 08 ..detailed report

I am little bit better now so considered writing a detailed blog post on Axis 08 .

Susmit worked hard to get some dvd’s, stickers and posters ready for the trip. So we finally had about 37 dvds and at around 450 stickers .

On 24 th we boarded the train and reached nagpur on 25th . On 25 th we mainly did some setup . though we had some trouble. my mac was not outputing any sound and arindam’s was facing trouble with projector.

On 26th we had our scheduled talk . it started at 4 pm . Susmit gave a nice talk on fedora . I gave a talk on “myths about linux” and arindam gave talk on fedora live.

We did had some audience during talks . At around ~55 people.

However people did asked questions . My talk attracted most questions and Arindam successfully converted his talk into a mini workshop as his laptop was not working with projector. :P

It went through for more than 2 hours . 

From the feedback of students and organizers there we came to know our talk attracted  some people.

On 27 th we had our workshop scheduled .However due to problems like lack of labs and coinciding with their cultural show . we were delayed . but still some students (at around 20) came by ,mostly from previous talk day audience.

We got only an hour before we got request of pausing our workshop (cultural fest was about to start) and request from organizers to hold it next day .

On 28th we started off in the morning . The crowd was large as compared to last two days. We had a install fest (installation over http) , setting up personal machines . quick quide to basic tools like firefox,pidgin etc , some detailed guide to syllabus oriented tools including gcc,gnu octave,Fedora Electronic lab(FEL) which gathered good amount of interest .

The workshop lasted for 3.5 hours and we packed up at around 2 o clock.

Good to mention is that NIT nagpur had their introduction to opensource through sun’s seminar conducted last year . So we decided to ask them to form a LUG . They decided to form it with basic infrastructure like a google group and some in person meetings .

You can see all photos here .

DirectUpload plugin and rest .

A belated post regarding my GSoC work .

A wiki page regarding my work is setup . It is available here

Some Screenshots of my work .

1 . GPSBabel Plugin :

2. Input box of GPSBabel Plugin .

3. Layer Formation .

DirectUpload Plugin ScreenShots are here :

1. DirectUpload Plugin .

2. On successful upload .

some points

* last night i came to know that I have semester exams from 3rd of june to somewhat end june

* Coding for GSoC 2008 will start from 26th of may ,so working hard with infrastructure .

* Got Fedora 9 and waiting eagerly to install and see KDE4

more to come ..

call for good administrators……is it ??

India has shortage of bandwidth, demand more  and provider less . So in a small city like here ,it almost impossible to ask for good connections , My so called ISP is actually airtel broadband given via local cable operators .Thep provide good download speeds and this is where the problem starts .

you pay 900/- bucks for BSNL to get a 256Kbps unlimited and here 820/- to get 256Kbps upload limited connection .No support for Linux , they wont come to your home if it not a windows machine .

Orkut is the most happening thing in India I guess.You go on anything beyond orkut and you are blocked . My GSoC requires svn to work with and to my great fortune svn is blocked . Result = searching for externel shells and currently working on my mentors machine via ssh .

status : Eagerly waiting for BSNL to arrive .

Vmware server and LTSP 5

I tested LTSP 5 in fedora 8 using vmware server 1.0.4 build-56528.

There are certain thing that is needed to be taken care off .

By default a bridging in configured between your ethernet card and vmware which is known as virbr0 . Now as most internet connection are served over dhcp, so there are chances of both dhcp server getiing mixed and result is this error

No root path received
no option root-path specified in your dhcpd.conf file
may be multiple dhcp server configured

A solution to this problem is to create a host only network configuration . This is same as configuring a network on a server with two NIC’s. On for internet and other for serving dhcp to clients.

in order to do so run as root

Now i am just adding the portion needed to configure a host only networking

configured manually

Do you want networking for your virtual machines? (yes/no/help) yes

Would you prefer to modify your existing networking configuration using the
wizard or the editor? (wizard/editor/help) wizard

Do you want to be able to use NAT networking in your virtual machines? (yes/no)
[yes] no

Do you want to be able to use host-only networking in your virtual machines?
[no] yes

Configuring a host-only network for vmnet1.

Do you want this program to probe for an unused private subnet? (yes/no/help)
[yes] no

What will be the IP address of your host on the private

What will be the netmask of your private network?

The following host-only networks have been defined:

. vmnet1 is a host-only network on private subnet

Do you wish to configure another host-only network? (yes/no) no

Music .. play it

Being an engineering student , i was only exposed to hard rock [ a fashion statement for colleges of india ] ( very irritating though). it has been few days i have been tasting some pop and different taste of songs .

kids favorite hannah montana has become my favorite also … she sings well ( i must admit ).

few songs like apologize by timberland is also very soothing .

hah one thing .. jamendo do has huge content and a very good collection of free songs . one of my favorite is kingdom by  Giac and Juan .Pretty relaxing type …

This holiday i am spending most of time by youtubing and listening to jamendo ….

Bijra High School project status

It has been a while since the last update ……

Bijra High project finally started with a good thrust. After a grand inauguration which created all the buzz. there were quit a number of news media covering bijra high school project .

Some of them are .

Etv Bangla : The Bengali counterpart of Etv network .the video has been uploaded in can find it here

Express News : a local channel to Durgapur ..but its network is being used by kolkata TV .you can find the video here

Indian Express : A pic is here

A recent visit made by members of waag society and AID india to school is here

Bijra High School gears up

It has a while since my last post. Some of the important news are

Tommorow (14 th Nov 2007) Bijra High School will receive the bijra server along with client machines.

On 15 th Nov 2007 Bijra High school has decided to make a grand inauguration by Vice Chancellor of our university along with few administrative officials of the city.
A seminar will be held along with under the name ” new horizon in technical education “

[ good name proposed by Headmaster of Bijra High School ]

Fedora package

Now straw is back again as a fedora package.

Straw is a desktop news aggregator for the GNOME environment. Its aim
is to be a faster, easier and more accessible way to read news and
blogs than the traditional browser

Whowatch , my another package is also now available for fedora.

Whowatch is an interactive console utility that displays informations about
the users currently logged on to the machine, in real time. Besides standard
information (login, tty, host, user’s process) you can see type of login
(ie. ssh, telnet). You can also see selected user’s processes tree or all
system processes tree. In the process tree mode there is ability to send
INT or KILL signal to selected process.

Vroom …vroooooooooom….nah it wont work !

Oh..damn..i am now in search of a good bike . Now those oil machines ar pretty expensive for me.So i am thinking of a cycle

As my budget is strictly below 10k so i cant afford trek or firefox bikes. Also trek or firefox have no bike stations/dealers in the eastern part of India …pretty bad though.

Three bikes i shortlisted

1) firefox attitude

2) trek 3700

3) hero octane dtb 1

hero octane dtb1 is pretty cheap as compared to above two.although it does not come to comparison to firefox or trek bikes .but its easily available. and i dont like octane 26T though it has got disc brakes.i dont have any idea about dtb 2.

need feedback …though