Fedora Activity Day@BCREC by dgplug

So finally the Fedora Activity Day which was supposed to be held during Horizon’09 in April was held over two in 14th and 15th May,2009. The reason was that horizon got canceled due to some reason.

Here is a complete jot down of the whole two day experience

Day 1 :

We started a little late.At around 12 noon because of the projector was not working laptops.With  audience size was around 30 we started.

Arindam started by introducing the fedora project to the students. he introduced the Four F’s of the fedora project along with the community as well. He in fact introduce all  bits of the project.

Next was Kishan and Me , we tried to bust most of the misconceptions about linux/fedora in general.

Next we decided to actually give the students a demo of what the busted few minutes ago. Debashree, Amrita, Arpita showed them inkscape and gimp. Rangeen, me and arindam showed them video and music in Fedora.Along with Rangeen showing them KDE 4.2 and it attracted attention. Every machine in the Lab was running FEL live cd since there was no persmission to install Fedora in those machines[:(].

Whole of this continued till 2:10 and we decided to take a break.

After break we continued, this time 15 more students from electronics and communication branch came and joined us.

We introduced IRC to students and gave them a brief demo of it.

Then Rangeen started with FEL. He introduced GNUSim8085 and Ktechlabs which attracted most interest. There was power cut and outside was cloudy, so it was dark. but somehow even with UPS ans trailing machines rangeen continued.After the UPS gave up. We formed small groups of 8-9 and used out 5 laptops to demonstrated FEL. The session went along over 2 hours.It was a comprehensive demonstration and was a good one.

Due to lack of power, we decided to call it a day and gained permission to continued over the next day.

Day 2 :

We started day 2 with Some basic commands by Harsh Verma (a new fedora ambassador from dgplug). He showed them efficiently. Even showed the use of man and info pages. Me and Arindam  helped Harsh with this session. We showed them chmod , file permissions and a word of caution”not to login as root in GUI”.

The next session was vi by Dibyanshu. He gave a very good session on vi and showed most of the cool stuffs. I, personally liked the session very much.This guy is very new to dgplug but is showing great enthusiasm.

We took a break of 20 min and returned . Ratnadeep started with his GCC session. We decided to take on small assignments and started doing them using GCC. Ratnadeep did gave a comphensive demo of GCC and did well. Arindam decided to help them using Anjuta IDE and the same assignments were done using that.

This went till almost 5pm, power went out again. But I took my java session in my laptop. Showed them openjdk, the difference between openjdk and sun jdk. And how to install sun jdk in fedora using alternatives. This went on till 5:45pm and decided to call it a day.

The feedback was good. event though number of audince was less but it showed enthusiasm. Hope to get good contributors from this pack. There will be a post FAD session after the semester exams to keep nurturing this enthusiasm.

Over and all the session was successful and a good one.

With this session we  gained permission to install fedora in a machine. And me and Arindam decided to use this as a local mirror for the labs and students. Need to sort out some techical difficulties though. It currently behaves like a mirror in a box.More on this soon.

My cam’s battery gave up in mid ways so didnt clicked much , anyways pics are here :

Random Scriblings

Theres quite lot to  say :

1. Gave one more talk on OSM at mukti 09

2. Visited Kolkata Book Fair and help folks at IOTA stall .It was awesome .Detailed blog coming up

3. Fedora talk at mukti 09 on 6th .Event page up (need suggestions)

4.Visited bijra today and had lot of feedback (complaints) from them .

5. Got a lit of petrol almost decades after recent price cut for RS 50.

6. Harman Baweja still cant act .

7. Sign of twitter becoming mainstream in India .Read here.

Hey ! Today was Dgplug’s Birthday .

Four years ago today was the day when dgplug was born .

We are the Linux Users’ Group of Durgapur. The group officially started on Sep 8, 2004. A few small brains grouped together to populate Linux in the locality.

Kushal suggested us to hold a meetup on this regard . However due to many circumstances it was changed from a regular/normal meetup to a birthday party celebration .

We selected Food Court a.k.a Wonder vatika   as our venue .12 noon was the time selected .

I reached the place a little early and was roaming around when everyone arrived . We moved upto to our selected place .

Apart from Ajitesh , Ria , Arindam and me all are new contributer/members of Dgplug . So I started with history of dgplug as i have heard when i joined it .Ajitesh took it from there and gave a nice details .

Then we decided to share what we learnt after joining dgplug . We started alphabetically

Amrita , Arpita , Debahree are three girls who have done lot of work with inkscape after joining dgplug . They also attended the summer training conducted by dgplug over irc .

An quote from Debashree : ” I never liked drawing in computer before i used Inkscape “

Ratnadeep (rtnpro) and Kishan are newest memeber of the lug but had shared their experience over the summer training .

This consisted for over an hour when Arindam arrived ..he was just one  and a half hours late from scheduled time .But he made it to the lunch .

After lunch .. me , Ajitesh ( one important member of Bijra High School Project) , Arindam (KDE, OSM, Fedora contributer ) . Ria (KDE, Fedora ) contributer shared our views and what we learnt after joining the lug . these were little long ones :P

Finally “whats the plan” for next two to three months were discussed .. mainly with rtnpro and kishan ..

Sunny_slls has joined the fedora docs team and he siad he is looking forward to it .

Since first year has already got enrolled in college .. we had a decision to go and approach them ..and make them aware of us .. a regular routine every year ..but is fun to do .

It was around 4:30 pm when we finally packed up and headed home .

View pics here and here

Finally I own one

It has been quite a while since i was longing for a lappy . Looked through dell , lenovo and all major brands until gsoc arrived . Since my budget limiter is gone with it , I finally got it one i never thought off . An Apple MacBook .

I never considered a macbook since I thought i would be too fancy . but dell changed some policy and non availability of power models in local market . I finally settled for a macbook just because of its config.

White !! its diifficult to maintain .. true but  i didnt want to may 10k INR just for colour and a small HD upgradation .

The pics are available here

umm ..well blogging from my macbook .

Next task .. install fedora in it ..

Sending a Freemedia DVD.

I am a part of Freemedia team for Fedora . and this is the first time I am actually sending a DVD outside apart from my local requests .The request i accepted is from Dewanhat , Cooch Behar , West Bengal .

I burned the DVD, put it into a Floppy/CD Mailer Envelope and went to a post office .

Me : I want to do a speed post of this .

me hands over the envelope .

The person was a lady and she took it , but just she was about to dump it , she noticed the CD/Floppy Mailer tag on the envelope .

P.O : Sorry , we dont mail CD’s in this way , you have to put it in a wooden box and then mail it .

[reaction] wtf.

Me : From where can i get that box ?

P.O: You have to built one .

[again reaction] WTF.

P.O: You better take a courier service.

Me : ok

and i took the DVD to a courier office .

Me : I want to send this .

C.O: ok .

C.O : But its written a village , we dont have service to village .

Me : ok

takes back the DVD ,

[Current status] : DVD still with me .

Any ideas on how to send this will be helpful .

Summer Training

Well most students are gearing up for summer training after the end of this semester , at least thats what the present scene in here .

Training schools , even big companies are gearing up to catch the crowd by offering some mouth watering discounts .

Well , we at dgplug have also entered the field to do some real training stuffs except that we are offering 100% discount . I bet no one can give that :P

details about the training can be found here .

Hurry ! Seats are limited !!


Yesterday (On 29th March ) Bengal College of Engineering and Technology organized a seminar cum Workshop  at  their college campus .

GFL for Linux is the name of their college lug . Since its an official one so this seminar was a part of official inauguration of the  LUG.

Speaker of the event was Tuhin Sinha.Since most listeners are not even familiar with linux so the level was very basic. Tuhin Sinha during his speech concentrated mostly “why use linux leaving windows” which seems to have attracted people. More over his slide related to jobs in linux attracted maximum questions .

Among audience was Debayan and his group from NIT Durgapur and Us (me and Arindam) .We tried to help the audiences which also created a buzz.

The speech was short one and good one . Need more kinda this stuff in colleges .

One more point BCET maintains a very strong rules and regulation for LUG . They have serious commitees  and all to maintain .So its for of a linux club as compared to a LUG.

Their group can be found here :

dgplug@NIT-DGP and @BCET

Today I suppose is a good day in dgplug’s history . We were scheduled to visit NIT@DGP and BCET today. Naturally we started off a little late but managed to reach NIT in time.

NIT@DGP had organized a seminar cum discussion session,with mostly students from 3rd year and 2nd year our primary concern is to get upstream contributers. Since many of them are already familier with Linux. With a brief introduction of dgplug’s way of work and bijra high school project we directly jumped into describing various way of upstream contribution that ranges from documentaion to graphics to os development.Introduction to Linuxchix for girl contributers( we have lot of girls present ) . Some open source activities like Google Summer of Code and all .We even had Pradeepto, Kartik Mistry and Runa on our big screen ,it was fun cause Runa had her ice cream melted :P . Our session lasted for two and a half hours.After that we all had lunch @vatika ,a local food court.

Second half of the day didn’t go as we planned, We tried to had a short session at BCET but eventually landed in very formal seminar planned by BCET-LUG and BCET authorities . So kushal had to give again a long one and half hour talk . Since most students here are new to the linux world so we mainly had to concentrate on how and whats of Linux rather than what we did in NIT@DGP.

After a long talk session finally home.I had to wait some time to digest all that in ate today

The positive part is NIT has a good infrastructure so they can kick some good stuffs with help of that . For BCET as its mainly a authority initiative so we expect some help when need but being its very tight and formal structure there will be restrictions.But at least their college is talking some initiatives.


Dgplug install fest

This time install fest went really good. The day before we asked the student that since no college labs are available so whatever we will be doing will be concentrated to laptops only ,so those who have should bring their laptops . And students brought not only theirs some even borrowed from their friend and came in. We had total of 9 laptops and 36 students .So we started off with dvd’s burnt on previous day.

As most are branded ones Dell XPS 1530 and Lenovo’s had a smooth install ,Though their were some issues with nvidia drivers with the dell machine.

HP machine with single partitions had some issues which were also solved.

Most valuable thing this time is we had our local repos so no issue in doing a yum update after installation.

So after a day of successful install fest ,peace in mind.Tomorrow we will again be sitting with those laptops resolving issues and teaching basic stuffs.

In other news: Some teacher in our college wanted to set up remote destop system in order to have a better administration in our linux and networking lab. They wanted to do that with us.There are some capable machines we sorted out but with very less amout of RAM . See my previous post regarding this. So looking forward to this .

Some dgplug activities

So finally we managed to conduct our lug meeting.but before that some more important news.

Bengal college of Engineering abd Technology has planned to open a lug as well . Though Its strictly formal and will be run by college authorities( a good point atleast).They called us for a meeting at their college. Where they talked about their lug structure , future meets and asked help from us . As far I understood finally dgplug can now step out of bcrec campus.

Now back to dgplug meet : Debashree did some serious kickass images using inkscape.she’s a superb artist.her blog isnt ready yet so she has to wait another week to publish it.

This time we got very good response from 1st and 2nd year students.So instead of the general fedora usage we talked about specific application like graphics,documentaion,translation and all . Its nice to see that dgplug is expanding.

Bijra High School project status

It has been a while since the last update ……

Bijra High project finally started with a good thrust. After a grand inauguration which created all the buzz. there were quit a number of news media covering bijra high school project .

Some of them are .

Etv Bangla : The Bengali counterpart of Etv network .the video has been uploaded in youtube.you can find it here

Express News : a local channel to Durgapur ..but its network is being used by kolkata TV .you can find the video here

Indian Express : A pic is here

A recent visit made by members of waag society and AID india to school is here


Today we the members of DGPLUG and BCREC ,durgapur decided on an irc meet to help our college create and maintain a student driven we site ..i am pasting the irc log.

——————————————-irc meet starts———————————————————————
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:21:52] clap clap
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:22:14] Agenda
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:22:24] First Bijra status:
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:22:27] tux_440volt,
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:22:31] clap clap
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:22:42] current bijra status
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:22:58] 1) setup at school finished..painting underway
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:23:09] will be finished by monday
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:23:12] Infrastructure wise ok i hope tux_440volt
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:23:20] yup
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:23:38] tux_440volt, what we are missing ?
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:23:58] Missing the main thing…M/c’s
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:24:18] 2) computers are ready …. disaster recovery cannot be done. wiki to updated
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:24:21] soumya, no dates before 2nd as news from IDG
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:24:37] i am trying to fix the wiki
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:24:43] oks
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:24:44] though no idea
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:24:52] after 2nd is fine no probs
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:25:16] and blog to be posted..current status draft..need to be posted…will post today
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:25:30] tux_440volt: DR has to be done somehow
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:25:44] DR mane?
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:25:50] oh
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:26:05] makghosh, what is DR ?
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:26:18] disaster recovery
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:26:24] ok
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:26:30] is there any other option to do disaster recovery than mkcdrec
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:26:35] May be writing nt in abbreviation is appreciated
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:26:41] we can take backup of /home ,/usr..etc manually
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:26:46] for the time being
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:27:06] that will hectic tux_440volt
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:27:09] Join ria has joined this channel (n=ria@
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:27:31] a temporary solution
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:27:52] that may be
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:28:00] tux_440volt: ok…it will be a temporary solution
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:28:31] may i know solution to what is found out?
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:28:40] disaster recovery
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:28:45] of bijra server
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:28:50] ok
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:29:39] Can we move to the next issue ?
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:29:43] ok
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:29:51] yes
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:29:59] hmm
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:30:04] BCREC website
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:30:16] I am writing a proposal to the authority
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:31:16] on ph
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:31:58] http://freeshell.in/~kushal/proposal.txt
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:32:04] this is how I started
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:32:11] seeing
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:32:18] Nishant will help me to write this
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:32:26] checking
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:32:50] checking
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:33:53] kushal, you said me to write something
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:34:05] but i find everything written
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:34:05] ria, read the proposl
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:34:08] ria, read the proposal
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:34:18] ya reading
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:34:24] read a bit of it
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:34:33] Now the main thing is to create the team in college
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:34:40] I have this idea
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:35:16] Each dept, each year, 2 boys and 2 girls
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:35:45] kushal, team of what?
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:35:49] that would create a very big team..will be difficult to manage
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:35:53] team for what?
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:36:04] ria, web site developers
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:36:09] currently bcroy has more then 12 department
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:36:13] kushal, ok
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:36:16] tux_440volt, tell me
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:36:17] including masters
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:36:23] MTech
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:36:25] MCA
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:36:27] BBA
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:36:29] MBA
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:36:30] So, what is the problem
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:36:32] tux_440volt: leave the masters alone now
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:36:33] tux_440volt, iagree with you
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:36:45] bpharm
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:36:50] tux_440volt, We are talking only the engg courses for time being
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:36:52] bca too
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:36:57] ok
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:37:09] its better to focus on the 6 b tech depts we have
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:37:23] Responsibility :
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:37:33] Get details of the dept as requested
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:37:39] but i think the BCREC website should for everyone
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:37:40] no actually its a college issue ..thats why
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:37:48] not for BTech only
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:38:04] ria, we are currently discussing technical issues
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:38:05] * ria agrees with tux_440volt
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:38:14] kushal, ok
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:38:17] kushal: ok
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:38:27] * makghosh agrees kushal
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:38:38] 2. Get student project details
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:39:02] 3. All students can have their personal home page
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:39:29] blog type?
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:39:29] All means 1200-1600 whatever
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:39:44] this is cool
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:39:47] tux_440volt, no, single user page for time being
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:39:54] 360*4
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:40:40] 4. Team will collect different study materials from the teachers
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:40:50] and will upload them in their respective name
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:40:56] study materials means?
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:41:03] exactly?
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:41:14] kushal, ^^^^^^
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:41:15] notes sort of
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:41:22] ok
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:41:26] student point e jeta deoa hoy
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:41:32] yep….whatever uploadable
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:41:34] tux_440volt, correct
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:41:39] makghosh, yes
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:41:41] ok tux_440volt
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:41:55] Next we need some very good writers
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:42:04] DNG sirer onek paoa jabe :-)
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:42:10] i am there
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:42:12] Who will write the general news
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:42:15] not very good
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:42:22] still can write
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:42:27] we can assign
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:42:30] students
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:42:34] for that
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:42:38] We need the best, because that will make effect first
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:42:49] They will write regular news sections
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:42:50] i will try
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:43:04] ok..then we can take a test with help of humanities department
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:43:13] tux_440volt, ok
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:43:15] test????
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:43:17] they can help us to sort out
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:43:32] yah….sunita mam may help in this matter
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:43:33] tux_440volt, i request you not to bring the humanitics dept
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:43:54] ria: humanities department saved us last time
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:43:57] she seems intrested in dgplug works
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:44:00] makghosh, i think she will start something else with this
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:44:01] tux_440volt, please don’t bring any dept directly in this
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:44:15] tux_440volt> agrees makghosh
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:44:17] makghosh, that is ok, she can be a part of the team
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:44:28] tux_440volt, she started seeing body language there
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:44:32] kushal: i said she can help us to sort out
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:44:32] STOP ALL
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:44:37] kushal: i am talking of only sunita mam ….no dept…she can help us
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:44:43] exactly
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:46:25] kushal: continue
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:46:52] ^^^^^
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:46:54] As this size of plone project is too big (told by the plone developers in the morning)
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:47:22] Any pro may charge 1.5-2.0 lakhs for this
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:47:34] But we will not charge anything
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:47:43] And this will take time
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:47:53] As you saw in the proposal
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:48:04] there is a College authority part
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:48:19] Where new job offers or Tender details will be
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:48:33] This part we will ask to send directly to me
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:49:02] We are going to start with a basic Plone installation
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:49:03] ok
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:49:14] and will continue to improve iut
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:49:15] hmmm
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:49:16] it
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:49:26] http://kushaldas.homelinux.net/plone
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:49:30] http://kushaldas.homelinux.net/Plone
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:49:47] please check the above site
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:49:55] yep….checkin
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:50:00] The design is the default Plone
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:50:08] We will change it later
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:50:16] kushal: unable to connect
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:51:26] tux_440volt, http://kushaldas.homelinux.net/Plone
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:51:50] kushal: ok running
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:52:24] Now every department will also have their Home page, (currently blank)
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:52:37] so, the dept students will take care of that too
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:52:52] ok
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:53:07] We will create a general template for all depts
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:53:12] gr8888888 dekte
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:53:36] btw, that is my desktop where the server is running
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:53:37] really gr8 :)
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:54:35] soumya, can you write 10 lines about the college tonight
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:54:51] kushal: it is Plone CMS taking care of all the things…
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:54:57] makghosh, yes
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:55:32] When the basic design will be completed we will go for complex apps
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:55:38] ok
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:55:40] Like alumni association
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:55:47] And Forums
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:55:48] hmmm…
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:56:01] what DataBase does plone use?
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:56:11] ZODB
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:56:22] Zope DB?
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:56:24] bhalo babhe bolle Zeo Cluster
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:56:28] yes
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:56:30] ok
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:56:43] It is an Object Database, not the regular one

[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:57:34] ok
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:57:47] kushal wait

[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:58:06] kushal, and if you want you can kick me out
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:58:13] tux_440volt, please find one girl from the hostel who can help us to write About girls hostel
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:58:34] ok… i will
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:58:43] he he:)
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:58:57] tux_440volt, toder class test kabe sesh hochhe
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:58:57] ?
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:59:06] 1st mone hoy
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:59:08] 3 days only
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:59:10] saturday
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:59:16] ok
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:59:26] tahole Wedness raate next meeting habe
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:59:35] ok
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [20:59:43] I need the team members’ names by then
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:00:00] kushal i had names of 34 students willing to join dgplug
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:00:01] okie…
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:00:10] tux_440volt, ok
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:00:12] good
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:00:14] from 4 classes
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:00:18] tux_440volt: we can select amongst them
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:00:20] tux_440volt, but we need Team for Website

[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:00:43] We need people who can write
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:01:01] content writer can be selected..ok i will see to that
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:01:38] soumya, ping
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:01:45] there are no good things going on at girls’ hostel.. so it’s difficult to write good about it…. everyone is thinking of going to mess
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:01:52] kushal: we can divide some jobs..like ajitesh and swagnik has good reputation with teachers
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:02:08] kushal: wait
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:02:19] so they can take the load of getting data from teachers
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:02:24] soumya, meeting is going to over in 5 minutes
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:02:33] tux_440volt, that you people decide
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:02:37] ok
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:02:41] ok kushal
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:02:46] kushal: i can also help in the general writing works
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:02:46] See, We need details about the depts

[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:03:23] soumya, read fast
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:03:24] i can also write
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:03:31] soumya: details about department
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:03:35] of BCREC
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:03:49] makghosh, can you please write some thing about CSE dept
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:04:03] kushal: yep…i will
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:04:19] I will be again online after 12.00AM
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:04:23] kushal: login name and password
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:04:32] ??
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:04:33] kushal: ya^^^^^^^^^^^
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:04:34] tux_440volt, not yet
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:04:41] hmmm
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:04:44] oks…….
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:04:48] People , please write in text files
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:05:00] and then mail to me
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:05:01] yup completed
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:05:06] c i have a problem
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:05:11] soumya, tell
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:05:24] choosing a team for bcrec websites need very able ppl
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:05:34] nt on enthusiasts
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:05:48] soumya, TRUE
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:05:59] soumya: thats why we can have a test to see who are really able
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:06:09] so, soumya can you interview the candidates
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:06:11] or willing
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:06:14] c the team shud be selected in such a way that the persons involved in the team should be able to suffice our needs
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:06:19] test cant do that tux_440volt
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:06:31] hmm..ok
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:06:32] soumya, can you do an interview ?>
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:06:35] you need to talk with teachers of the respective departments
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:06:54] kushal i think I am nt so able guy doing that
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:07:03] soumya, ok
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:07:08] what type of work do we need to be done byu this team kushal ?
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:07:24] kushal elaborate the work line
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:07:28] soumya, written above , please read
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:07:28] c data collection
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:07:33] is nt a big deal
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:07:35] please read
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:07:37] its done by normals
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:07:41] oks 1 min
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:07:43] soumya: website development…content writing etc
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:07:50] soumya, We need good content writers
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:07:59] of the proposed BCREC website
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:08:03] soumya, Who can write good english
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:08:23] website development is where we need some effective study dudes
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:08:24] kushal: a good search in the college ..we can have that
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:08:50] ^^^content writers
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:08:51] c i think sunita Mam can be included for content writing or effective english parts
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:08:55] soumya, no, For the next 4-6 months we will take care of site developments
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:09:13] but the team shud be made accordingly na
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:09:15] soumya, for time being we need content writers
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:09:29] And data collectors for content writers
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:09:30] after 6 months addition or deletion in the team shudnt be done
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:09:44] den dont form a team now
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:09:48] as bcoz
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:09:51] soumya, it will be according to their performance
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:10:07] data collectors can be our present mebers of dgplug and the new members included
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:10:10] soumya, every one is welcome to join to help the team
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:10:15] soumya, true
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:10:19] yes evrybody is
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:10:24] ur nt gettin my point
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:10:40] i cant include evrybody for at technical job resulting in technical mess
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:11:01] as for 6 7 months we dont want developers
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:11:04] soumya, thats why no technical jobs for the students now
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:11:06] so i suggest don form team now
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:11:11] soumya, ok
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:11:24] soumya, but we need content writing team
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:11:26] as data collection can be done by our present lug members
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:11:33] soumya: first we wil give them (the teams) small jobs….content writing….then technical things will come later
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:11:39] and content writing a shud be done with gr8 english skills
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:11:42] soumya: yep
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:11:46] shud be handled by sunita mam
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:12:05] atleast she can help students
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:12:09] content writing means
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:12:09] soumya, ok, then please talk with her ASAP
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:12:10] i think so….sunita mam is able for this
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:12:16] kushal:
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:12:18] to do that
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:12:20] shono
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:12:20] makghosh, one person can’t do this
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:12:29] i m thinking tell sunita mam that
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:12:32] tell fast, I have to leave
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:13:00] kushal: she can head the teams i mean…check out their rough drafts
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:13:08] makghosh, ok
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:13:09] and she may come out with her team in the students grp consisting 4 members who r english jewels who wil help mam or mam will help them
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:13:37] so the content writing matter ends here

[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:14:07] i know that 4th year piyanadi is gold medal winner at essay writing
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:14:29] and that 4 shud be officially be endorsed met and discussed with by our dgplug members

[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:14:57] kushal: note a point she can even help us somewhat in selection process too:) we should contact her soon
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:15:12] I am telling something which is important to dgplug
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:15:12] makghosh: who?
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:15:15] c ria i think u and other mebers go to sunita mam and suggest abt students also taking mam’s suggestions
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:15:17] kushal: i mean sunita mam
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:15:24] kushal, but i can see it
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:15:32] soumya, ria is not a part of dgplug any more
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:15:46] piyanidi and who so ever interested and masters in english and with complete support by sunita mam is included
[Wed Aug 29 2007] [21:15:51] soumya, can you write 10 lines about college before 12.00am ?
——————————————————-irc meets ens—————————————————————-

[p.s . Sunita Dey or Sunita mam is one of our humanities department faculty who saved us during our fedora day.by offering humanities department lab]